Getting “Bored” with Your Onboarding Process?

Feb 18, 2020

Getting “Bored” with Your Onboarding Process?

Make Onboarding and Training Fast and Easy!


For most of us, we have experienced what it’s like to be that “newbie”.  That’s right, a new face in a new company where countless thoughts of excitement, worry and anxiety flood our minds. If you are like many, those thoughts can turn into piercing questions or doubts. Did you make the right decision? Is this truly the right company for you? Where is the nearest exit in case you need to make a run for it?  

As an employer, hiring manager, or HR representative, your focus is guaranteeing that you can “walk the walk”. Your newly hired employee accepted the position for a reason, now it’s up to you to ensure that he or she continues to feel that this opportunity was too good to pass up.

So, how does this happen? Think about the first few days on the job and how much information and training was provided. It’s a bombardment of documents, materials and an assortment of new knowledge that needs to be retained quickly. Quite frankly, it can also be B-O-R-I-N-G! Onboarding has been known to be a long drawn-out process, but it doesn’t have to be. Although it should be an extension through an employee’s first year, it can be done in a few quick and easy steps to make the process more fulfilling. First, let’s take a step back of what a more conventional approach looks like-

Conventional Onboarding and Training Process


  1. Offer letter is sent to candidate (i.e. mail, email etc.)
  2. Candidate reviews offer and sends back with a response or request to adjust offer.
  3. Pre-employment requirements are provided (i.e. physical/UA, background investigation, more paperwork)
  4. Orientation is conducted (i.e. review handbook (more paperwork), long training videos, benefit/retirement enrollments (more paperwork)
  5. Quick induction (i.e. welcome packet and more paperwork)
  6. Training materials (i.e. more paperwork)
  7. Follow-up (i.e. lengthy surveys, answer questions, more paperwork)


               As you have probably noticed, more paperwork and training are the trend here. This process can be so bland that it drains your employee’s energy. Although each step is important, it doesn’t have to cost you time or your employee. The first couple of days during onboarding are most critical, because if the experience doesn’t live up to its expectations, then your employee may regret their decision to join your company. Down below are a few helpful tips that can help make the ultimate onboarding experience:


Helpful Tips to Ease Onboarding & Training

  • Automate onboarding paperwork using systems or apps for tactful timing
  • Create efficient checklists to expedite productivity
  • Provide acknowledgment by making them feel welcome
  • Implement simple and easy goals ahead of time
  • Give some energy! Show enthusiasm and charisma
  • Increase training engagement to support retention
  • Only provide training that’s a proven success
  • Connect learning/training with real on-the-job tasks


Success Strategies: Make Onboarding & Training Interesting and Fun!

  • Games: Are valuable learning tools and effective ice-breaker techniques
  • Hands-on approach: An effective through kinesthetic learning
  • Change of scenery: Does not limit to a meeting room setting
  • Personalize it: Send a welcome kit, gift basket or handwritten note
  • Grab lunch or happy hour: Creates personal relationships
  • Give apparel: Works as a great marketing tactic too

               Onboarding should fit your team culture, but an understanding of the employee’s needs or wants should also come from their perspective as well. The overall design and presentation of the onboarding experience should be in their best interest. The goal is for them to continuously understand their potential impact and contribution to the company. Also, be patient, as any good onboarding takes time.


Image of Jenn Jackson Human Resources Corporate Collette onboardingby Jenn Jackson

I have a BS in Human Resources, love adapting to new environments both corporate and small business, and proud to bring my porch-sitting, chatty hospitality from Virginia to Colorado. 


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