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Poor Employment Practices Could Cost You More Than You Think...

We provide you with a customized turn-key system to create a foundation for reducing risk to your greatest asset, your people.

Compliance Risk

There are so many factors that contribute to a healthy and thriving business.  Compliance is a critical component of every business' success.  Without strong compliance practices, business leaders experience many sleepless nights... or worse.  

Lost Profits

The success of every business is dependent on the success of its employees.  One poor employee can cause any business to hemorrhage money, resulting in lost profits or worse.

The High Cost of Turnover

The cost of turnover to an employer can be up to 316% of a positions annual wage.  The cost of advertising, interviewing, training, equipment, taxes, payroll, cultural impact, loss of engagement and customer service errors add up quickly.

"This company has not only guided us through the last year of Covid and changing employment regulations but is helping us lay the groundwork for what our future looks like. They have given me hope again as a business owner and I don't feel like I am doing everything on my own anymore."

Snow Business

"HR Branches has changed my life. "

nouveau mgmt.

"The team at HR Branches have made dreams come true. Being a small business owner you're always struggling with never having enough time and the crucial subject of HR is often overlooked until its too late. The team at HR Branches has done all the hard work, laying the key foundations of our HR platform, helping me sleep better at night knowing the bases of my business are covered."

Wayfarer Vans

"HR Branches is my #1 resource! Before I Google, I go to HRB [Online]. Google just tells you what you want to hear. I like the community forum for the fact that I can leave the question there, go about my business and come back. I receive notifications for responses and it's usually answered within a few hours. Their answers are extremely helpful. I like the videos I can play in background as I'm working. I would say do it, give it a try. With no risk there's no reward, it's a great learning opportunity. You can't go wrong, if I started a business, this would be a good investment to have these women in your corner. "

KAAUM Enterprises

"HR Branches is so much more than just an HR company, they truly do work their hardest to help small business owners sleep better at night. I highly recommend HR Branches to all small business owners. During the pandemic, it felt like laws were changing daily, HR Branches kept up with everything, so that we felt completely safe using their information so that we were following the law, procedures, protocols. Thank you to the the staff at HR Branches for being a lifeline during this hard time. The investment that we have made to sign up with HR Branches, has been one of the best decisions over the last 2 years."

Frisco Trading Post

What is Human Resources, Anyway?

The heartbeat of every business...

Human Resources (HR) is the heartbeat of every business... literally.

Human resources is the function that manages the greatest asset of every business, the people.

Most businesses take special care and maintenance of their technology, machines, equipment, tools, finances, processes and much more. However, it is easy to think that employees can take care of themselves. Unfortunately, that is not true. Employees need just as much care and maintenance as any other investment a business makes. Every aspect of a business is hinged on the success of every employee. If employees and employment practices are not cared for, the business is doomed to fail. That's where HR comes in. HR practices help ensure that the heartbeat of a business is healthy and strong.

Some of the areas that HR Branches can help small businesses ensure a strong heartbeat are: recruiting, training, performance, productivity, compliance, compensation, and benefits.

Have You Met Our Companion Business?

We would like to introduce you to BRW Tax & Accounting, our companion business. There are two things that keep small business owners up at night: people and money. When partnering with BRW, we are able to help small business owners sleep better at night.

Don't Worry, HR Branches Is Here to Help You...

By marrying technology and personalized consulting, HR Branches offers Colorado small businesses the relief that they need.

Step-by-Step Help

HR Branches provides you with Step-by-Step Guides on how to easily navigate the employment world.  This includes helpful step-by-step resources and guides on executing best practices in: recruiting, unemployment claims, performance evaluations, employee handbooks, onboarding, training, terminations and MUCH MORE!

Easy to Use & Understand

HR Branches provides all necessary forms and tools that you need easily get your HR tasks done.   We make sure that we do not leave you confused with jargon or create overly complex processes- resulting in convoluted corporate processes.  You are a small business, and we respect your culture.

You Are Not Alone

No matter what membership level you chose, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you are no longer in this alone.  Whether you are asking questions in our community forum or working directly with one of our consultants, you are in great hands.


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HR Branches Memberships Are Customized

For Each Stage Of Your Business!

Schedule a Free Consult Today

You are busy... we get that. Our job is to make your life easier. So, we are flexible. You can call us to schedule a time to chat about what your needs are. Or, you can schedule some time below for us to call you. You choose and we will make it happen!


Tell Us When We Can Call You...

3 Easy Steps To Take Your HR From Hassle to "Handled"!

Do Your Homework

We are the best in the HR business... but, don't take our word for it.  Be sure to stalk us and talk about us behind our back.  Some ideas on how to learn more about us are: download our HR Starter Kit, look at our reviews online, check out our social media, or ask us for references (we will gladly share them with you).

Choose Your Membership

HR Branches offers you four membership levels that allow you to receive the level of attention that you may need or want.  Our Bronze membership is for the ultimate DIY'er who is just looking for basic instruction.  Our Platinum membership offers the ultimate consulting experience for those who need as much help as they can get.  

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Let's be honest, building great HR practices for your business is going to take work on both of our ends.  HR Branches is here to help and to guide your journey every step of the way.    We will look to you for your expertise in your business and you can depend on us to be the experts in HR.  Together, we will make your HR practices great!

HR Branches Memberships Made for You




An employee handbook is one of the most important tools that an employer will ever need.  Let us build a customized handbook for you today, in addition to your other member benefits:

  • HR Branches Online Access
  • 4 Hours of Consulting
  • Customized Employee Handbook:
    • Customized Policies to Reflect Your Business' Culture 
    • 1 Hour Employee Handbook Rollout Meeting 
Get Started Today




HR Branches most comprehensive package!  Let us come on-site and help you build your HR practices from the ground up.  This package really takes your HR from hassle to "handled"!

  • Silver Membership
  • Gold Membership
  • On-Site Start-Up
    • Customized HR  Set Up Based on Needs Assessment
    • On-Site Compliance Review/ Audit
    • On-Site File Audit & File Management Assistance
    • Onboarding & Training Review
    • Org Chart Development
    • Full Action Item Report
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Per Month

Wanna sleep better at night? Here's your ticket...

Be the first to receive the exclusive ongoing benefits of the Platinum+ membership.  You will receive the benefit of peace of mind knowing that we are just a phone call away.  

  • Silver Membership
  • Gold Membership
  • Platinum Membership
  • 6 Customized Job Descriptions
  • Monthly Consulting Hours
    • Have ongoing support with monthly consulting hours to use as you see fit
  • Quarterly Strategy Meetings
    • We will check in on a quarterly basis to ensure that we are on track to achieve your goals
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Per Month


Move from reactive to PROACTIVE with our most robust membership.

  • Silver Membership
  • Gold Membership
  • Platinum Membership
  • 6 Customized Job Descriptions
  • Annual Training of Your Choice
    • 1 Session
    • 2 hours Max
  • HR Hotline
    • Need an outlet for your employees?  Need a 3rd party partner to help with sticky situations?
    • Now your employees can call us and we will help iron everything out!
  • Monthly Consulting Hours
    • Have ongoing support with monthly consulting hours to use as you see fit
  • Monthly Strategy Meetings
    • We will check in on a monthly basis to ensure that we are able to help you achieve your goals
Get Started Today

Exclusive Member Services

HR Branches has your back and our members know it. We listen, anticipate, and roll out exclusive training, tools, and events to reduce risk and help your business thrive.  Become an HR Branches member today for exclusive access to new training, tools, and events!

World-Class Training

HR Branches is proud to offer our members exclusive training opportunities.  Training opportunities include (but are not limited to): Leadership, Anti-Harassment, Payroll, and more!

Apprenticeship Support

You read that right. We build out world-class apprenticeship programs, continuing education programs, we've done it all! We are passionate about investing in our current and future workforce, providing opportunities, and helping passionate business owners do the same.

Coming Soon...

We have more great things on the horizon! Want to be the first to know? Become an HR Branches member today for exclusive access to new training, tools, and events!

Annual Renewals for Gold & Platinum Memberships

Your annual renewal includes the following to ensure compliance with legislature, company culture, and your growth goals:

• Annual Strategy Meeting

• 4 hours of consulting (Learn more about consulting hours HERE)

• Review and update of Employee Handbook (Gold and above)

• Review and audit of company file management systems (Platinum and above)

• Additional consulting hour packages can be purchased at a discounted rate



Still Not Sure?

Here's the deal- we are a new concept. No one else is doing what we are doing. So, we get it... it is hard to grasp exactly what HR Branches does. No worries, we are here to help you see the light. Use the link below and spend 30 minutes chatting with us to see how we can help you and your business. We are excited to meet you!


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