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HR Branches Store

HR Branches offers you 4 fantastic packages that are designed to help you in your specific situation.    Take a look at each of our packages and see which fits your needs.  

If you are unsure which package would be best for you, feel free to give us a call and we can help- 719-244-9640

Titanium Membership

$1,384.50 Monthly

Move from reactive to PROACTIVE with our most robust membership. Our BIGGEST, MEATIEST, MOST ROBUST Membership Ever!...

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Platinum+ Membership

$852.63 Monthly

Wanna sleep better at night?  The Platinum+ Membership is your ticket!!!! What you'll get:   Job Descrip...

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HR Branches Platinum

$4,366.55 Annually

$1,950.00 Savings HR Branches Platinum package is your salvation. This comprehensive package gives you the peace of ...

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HR Branches Gold

$2,756.55 Annually

$600.00 Savings HR Branches Gold package sets you on the right path to getting HR done right.  Not only will yo...

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HR Branches Silver

$1,606.55 Annually

$250.00 Savings With HR Branches Silver Package, you will never have to feel the frustration of unorganized HR pract...

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