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Welcome to HR Branches' Platinum Membership – Elevate Your HR Game to Elite Status

Hey there, small business champion! Ready to conquer HR challenges and lead with confidence? Our Platinum Membership is your ultimate arsenal for turning HR obstacles into triumphs.

The Challenge: Small business leaders, we understand the hurdles you face – from navigating compliance minefields to fostering team engagement and avoiding legal pitfalls. But fear not, because our Platinum Membership is designed to be your steadfast ally against HR nightmares.

The Solution: Bid farewell to uncertainty and embrace expert-guided success. With our Platinum Membership, you receive everything from our acclaimed Gold package – and then some. Dive deep into over 250 essential HR topics, comprehensive workbooks, essential forms, proven processes, and enlightening explainer videos. 

Exclusive Benefits:

8 Hours of HR Consulting: Need more personalized guidance? Enjoy up to 8 hours annually to fine-tune your HR strategies and tackle challenges head-on.

Customized Employee Handbook: Say goodbye to generic policies. Your handbook, tailor-made to reflect your unique business culture, ensuring clarity and alignment across your team.

Audit Services: Let us handle the nitty-gritty. From compliance audits to detailed action plans, we've got your HR setup covered from top to bottom.

Online Harassment Prevention Training: Stay proactive with a 1-hour online course and 15 registrations – perfect for ensuring your team starts strong.

Annual Employment Poster Subscription: Stay compliant effortlessly with updated posters delivered right to your door and digital files for all your bases covered.

The Hero’s Journey: You're not just managing HR – you're setting the gold standard. With our Platinum Membership in your corner, transform from overwhelmed to outstanding. Imagine leading your team with confidence, armed with top-tier tools and personalized support. From compliance to culture, your journey to HR mastery begins here.

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