HR Branches Platinum

$1,950.00 Savings

HR Branches Platinum package is your salvation. This comprehensive package gives you the peace of mind you have been searching for.

Your Platinum Package includes:

  • HR Branches Online
  • Connecting Branches Community Forum
  • 4 Hours of HR Consulting (Learn more about consulting hours HERE)
  • Customized Employee Handbook
    • 1 Hour Employee Handbook Rollout Meeting Conducted by your HR Consultant
  • On-Site Compliance Audit
    • On-Site Compliance Review 
    • On-Site File Audit & File Management Guidance
    • Full Action Item Report, Detailing your Next Steps  Using HR Branches Online and Your Additional 4 Hours of Consultation
    • Get your HR  Started  Without  Any Heavy LiftinG



Annual Renewals:  Platinum Membership

The annual renewal includes the following to ensure compliance with the Federal and State legislature, company culture, and growth:

• 4 hours of consulting (Learn more about consulting hours HERE)
• Automatic annual review and update of your Employee Handbook during Q4 of every year
• Annual compliance audit and Q4 planning meeting


Platinum Membership



$4,366.55 Annually


50% Complete


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