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Welcome to HR Branches, where the heart of our story beats with the rhythm of Colorado Springs. Meet Reanna, a true native of this vibrant city, shaped by the streets of Downtown COS and the unwavering determination of her single mom. Raised amidst the hustle and bustle, Reanna learned the invaluable lessons of perseverance, a love for community, and the spirit of professional drive.


Fast forward, and Reanna finds herself swept off her feet by the man of her dreams, Brian. Settling into traditional career paths as an HR professional and CPA, life took an unexpected turn when Brian was offered a partnership at the firm he worked for. That pivotal moment sparked the birth of something new—BRW Tax & Accounting, which opened its doors in 2015. Their shared vision? To assist small businesses with their accounting and financial needs.


As BRW thrived and gathered a community of small business clients, Reanna's HR expertise became a beacon of support for many. This organic evolution led to the creation of HR Branches, where we now stand tall as a team committed to helping small business leaders sleep better at night.


Our journey began with a laser focus on building the foundations that shape the membership experience you enjoy today. We're not just an HR consulting firm; we're a community that values trust, hospitality, and expertise as our guiding lights.



At HR Branches, we believe in:

Our values are the cornerstone in everything that we do.


At HR Branches, we pride ourselves on our innate ability to anticipate and meet your needs with a level of support that exceeds expectations. As passionate advocates for small businesses and their dreams of success as employers, we don't just adhere to conventional service norms – we embrace a holistic approach that delves deep into understanding and meeting the unique requirements of your business. Our commitment shines through in our responsiveness, transparent communication, and sincere dedication to the well-being of our members. We create an environment where your business is not just understood but truly valued. This personalized approach not only enhances your overall experience with us but also fortifies your operational efficiency and capabilities, ensuring that you feel supported every step of the way on your journey to success. Welcome to a community where your aspirations matter, and your growth is our priority.


Embracing expertise is at the core of our commitment to supporting HR Branches members. We approach our role with confidence, drawing upon our rich tapestry of past experiences while maintaining an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. This dynamic blend enables us to offer unparalleled guidance and solutions to our members. Our team is not just well-versed in industry best practices; we actively seek out the latest trends and innovations. This commitment to continuous learning is driven by a singular purpose – to share our evolving knowledge for the direct benefit of our members. When you partner with HR Branches, you tap into a reservoir of expertise that goes beyond the conventional, ensuring that your challenges are met with strategic insights, innovative solutions, and a collaborative spirit that propels your HR initiatives to new heights. In every aspect, we are here to empower you with the knowledge and expertise needed to navigate the intricacies of workforce management and foster the success of your business.


Trust stands as the cornerstone of our commitment to supporting HR Branches members. We recognize that in the realm of human resources, the foundation of a strong partnership is built on honesty, unwavering commitment, and absolute confidentiality. Our pledge to you is not merely a promise but a practice — a commitment to follow through on every endeavor with utmost transparency, integrity, and dedication. We understand that your peace of mind is paramount, and we take every step to uphold your trust in us. By prioritizing open communication, delivering on our promises, and safeguarding the confidentiality of your information, we ensure that you can navigate the complexities of HR with confidence. At HR Branches, trust is not just a value; it's a guiding principle that shapes our interactions, builds lasting partnerships, and guarantees that you have a reliable ally every step of the way. Your trust is the bedrock upon which we build success together.

So what do we know?

We are HR geeks with years of combined HR experience and a sincere passion for helping Colorado small businesses succeed. 

At HR Branches, we know you are the best at what you do and capable of administering your employment practices with a little guidance and a lot of resources. Allow us to support you (or your right hand person) to prevent costly employment violations, streamline your processes, and guide you through those unique questions and quirky employee scenario's with ease.

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Security & Meeting Supervisor

Baxter is our in-house security, meeting supervisor, and comedic relief. He is also our backup for greeting visitors and is easily bribed by neck scratches and biscuits.


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