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Reanna Werner


I am an innovator who is ready to bring professional HR to small business.  Over my 20+-year human resources and recruiting career, I have had the unique ability to experience many markets and industries through the “HR eye”.  The demand for easy to access HR services for small businesses became prevalent when my husband opened up his CPA firm, he was constantly asked HR questions by his small business clients. We quickly realized that small businesses have been left behind in the world of HR.  Now, I have made it my life's work to fix that.  

My family and I love to travel, I'm a die-hard foodie, and enjoy remodeling furniture!  Clearly, I have a problem sitting still.  

Leah Omar


My journey began with marketing and graphic design but I fell in love with Human Resources. My natural ability to live in the grey has lent to my success as an objective HR Professional.

I've had the opportunity to manage many facets of HR such as Recruiting, Compliance, Benefits Administration and Billing, Orientation and Wellness Programs. I'm thrilled to be able to develop creative solutions for the small business community.

My husband and I love exploring Colorado with our toddler and I enjoy gardening in my "spare time". Ha!

Jackie Copeland

BS, Human Resources Management

As a recent transplant from upstate New York, Jackie is a self-proclaimed wonderer, puzzler, and problem solver, always looking to expand her knowledge and skills to serve those around her. She said Human Resources feels like a natural fit to use her perceptiveness and passions to support the leaders and businesses that make and keep our community so vibrant and healthy. In her career she has supported human resources and recruiting functions at a range of organizations, partnering with established community-centered non-profits, a startup tech company, and a healthcare organization. “I am honored to take all I have learned, continue to grow, and now be able to support the small business community, and consequently the community as a whole.” Outside of work Jackie loves to read, bake, and adventure with her husband and two giant dogs.

Angela Otis


Angela has both a BSME and an MBA in technology management and spent sixteen years in financial insurance industries (basically she is a really smart cookie). Running a business with her husband with remote employees that spanned the globe, she continually evaluated and optimized the overall operations. She has a background in IT Management at Progressive Insurance and ENT Federal Credit Union. Angela "AO" Otis is our efficiency expert (and previous HR Branches member) empowering our team at HR Branches and BRW Tax & Accounting to better serve our members and community! Her super powers are systems organization, automation, and comic relief. In her spare time she enjoys gardening and yoga, and enjoying rustic adventures with her family and golden retrievers.

Baxter Werner

Security & Meeting Supervisor

Baxter is our in-house security, meeting supervisor, and comedic relief. He is also Denise's backup for greeting visitors and is easily bribed by neck scratches and biscuits.

So what do we know?

We are HR geeks with over 30 years of combined HR experience and a sincere passion for helping Colorado small businesses succeed. 

At HR Branches, we know you are the best at what you do and capable of administering your employment practices with a little guidance and a lot of resources. Allow us to support you (or your right hand person) to prevent costly employment violations, streamline your processes, and guide you through those unique questions and quirky employee scenario's with ease.

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