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Wanna sleep better at night?  The Platinum+ Membership is your ticket!!!!

What you'll get:


Job Descriptions – We will create a total of 6 customized job descriptions for your organization.


Consulting Hours – Up to 2 hours of monthly customized consulting hours in which you can use however you choose.


Quarterly Check-in Meetings – HR Branches will check in with you on a quarterly basis to obtain feedback and provide status updates to align our efforts to support your needs accordingly.


Onsite Audit – This is a 2 part visit in which HR Branches will visit your facility to review all of your current employee files, policies, and procedures to ensure accurate recording and organization according to requirements.


Employee Handbook – We conduct an initial 1-1.5 hour session with you to review company culture, policy, and procedures and customize this to serve your unique needs.  After the initial meeting, we begin drafting the handbook and work collaboratively with you to identify any edits.  This process can take between 4-6 weeks depending on response times.  Once the handbook has been finalized, we will conduct a presentation of the handbook to your employees to ensure proper administration and answer any questions/concerns, this is typically a 1-1.5 hour session.


HR Branches Online Library – Access to our online library which consists of 250+ educational videos, tutorials, forms, and templates.


HR Branches Forum – For any non-urgent needs, you can submit your question/inquiry to the forum and expect a response within 48 hours.  This allows you to reserve your consulting hours for more urgent matters/concerns.

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