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HR Branches Diamond Membership

Welcome to HR Branches' Diamond Membership – Elevate Your HR Excellence to Unprecedented Heights

Hey there, HR trailblazer! Ready to conquer compliance complexities and lead with clarity? Our Diamond Membership is the ultimate HR powerhouse, designed to empower you to shine brightly in every aspect of HR management.

The Challenge: Small business leaders like you face a myriad of challenges – from navigating intricate compliance landscapes to fostering a team that’s engaged and thriving. It’s time to bid farewell to sleepless nights and constant HR headaches.

The Solution: Introducing our Diamond Membership – your comprehensive HR solution that leaves no stone unturned. Dive into over 250 essential HR topics, loaded workbooks, crucial forms, meticulous processes, enlightening checklists, and illuminating explainer videos.

Exclusive Benefits:

  • 16 Hours of HR Consulting: Need personalized guidance? Enjoy up to 16 hours annually to strategize, solve challenges, and optimize your HR approach with our seasoned experts.
  • Customized Employee Handbook: Your handbook, your rules – tailored to reflect your unique business culture with clarity and precision.
  • Annual Employee Engagement Survey: Gain insights into your team’s satisfaction and morale with an annual employee engagement survey, helping you fine-tune your HR strategies for a more engaged workforce.
  • Annual HR Audit: Let us handle the details. From compliance reviews to comprehensive action plans, our audit services ensure your HR practices are top-notch.
  • Annual 2-Hour Custom Training: Elevate your team with tailored training options like harassment prevention, compliance essentials, managerial skills, and more – conducted on-site, remotely, or at our facility.
  • Online Harassment Prevention Training: Equip your team with essential knowledge through our online course, ensuring compliance and a respectful workplace.
  • Quarterly Check-In Meetings: Stay on track with quarterly sessions to set priorities, plan initiatives, and fine-tune your HR strategy for maximum impact.
  • Annual Compliance Update: Stay ahead of the curve with annual updates on compliance and HR best practices, keeping your business resilient and compliant.
  • Complementary Use of Meeting and Training Facilities: Enjoy complimentary access to our state-of-the-art meeting and training facilities, perfect for hosting sessions that elevate your team’s skills and cohesion.
  • 20% Off All Other Services and Products: Enjoy a 20% discount on all additional services and products offered by HR Branches, maximizing your membership’s value.

The Hero’s Journey: You’re not just managing HR – you’re setting the diamond standard. With our Diamond Membership, transform from overwhelmed to outstanding. Imagine leading your team with confidence, armed with top-tier tools and personalized support. From compliance to culture, your journey to HR excellence begins here.

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