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About Us



HR Branches was founded with small business in mind.  Organizations that are growing and thriving, but want to ensure that their people processes are strong.  Businesses that do not require a full-time HR professional, but do not have the time to build a solid HR foundation.   Look no further, HR Branches is your HR solution.  


HR Branches is a very unique concept in the HR world, we blend easy to understand and apply HR concepts in easy to execute methods.  When you become a member of HR Branches Online, you have access to HR tools valued at $150,000... right at your fingertips.



Who is HR Branches For?

Small Businesses... who want to self-administer their HR Functions, but need help and resources

Small Businesses... who want new approaches to attracting, developing and retaining their employees

Small Businesses... who are looking for a partner in driving your business toward success 

Who is HR Branches NOT For?

Large corporate environments (go find your own HR person)

Any business that is just looking for a few forms to download (Google it)

Any business that is not looking to evolve (a stagnant body of water only breed’s mosquitos)



Contact Us:

HR Branches, LLC

1864 Woodmoor Drive #217

Monument, CO 80132

(719) 244-9640

[email protected]



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