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HR Branches Online

HR Branches Bronze is designed to assist the ultimate HR DIYer. HR Branches Bronze allows for small businesses to save up to $150,000 annually.  "How?", you ask.  HR Branches will save you the cost of having to hire an in-house HR professional, HR consultant or HR outsourcing firm. 

All you have to do is identify the person responsible for the HR duties (most often an admin or in-house bookkeeper/accountant) and grant them access to HR Branches.  They will instantly have access to all the information and resources that they need to get their HR tasks done and focus on growing your business. 

With your annual subscription, you will gain instant access to:

  • Over 250 HR Topics
  • Workbooks, Forms, documents, and other tools ready to use today
  • Proven Processes and Checklists
  • Explainer videos and transcripts
  • Communication samples
  • Policy and Form Libraries for easy access and implementation
  • Community Forum that allows access to our HR experts
  • Information always updated to keep you compliant and current

Bronze Membership

$947.00 Annually


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