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Are you dealing with chronic tardiness, frequent absenteeism, and subpar productivity? A disregard for established standards, and occasional defiance of leadership from your employees? Our dedicated HR Managers and small business membership offers the solution to tackle these challenges head-on.

Commonly, these issues arise from a variety of root causes: Lack of job descriptions, policies, or overall structure. If you're caught between wanting to create quality culture and a caring approach to employment, while maintaining accountability and expectations - we're here to help you establish balance.

For a fraction of the cost of hiring an individual HR professional, you receive the continuity and peace of mind you have an entire team of HR experts available to serve your business. With over 38 years of experience valued at over $300,000 annually, HR Branches Diamond membershipmakes HR accessible and affordable for small businesses.


Diamond Is For You If Any Of The Following Is True:


 You are a small to medium business 20 or more employees

 You're business and workforce have grown or require more structure

 You have identified the need for structured performance management, wage scaling and career pathing, or another large project

 Do/Don't have HR on staff: we are a business partner and extension of your team! Collaboration looks different for each member.


Quarterly Strategy Meeting

Your dedicated HR Pro at HR Branches will check in with you on a quarterly basis to collaborate and drive results on current initiatives.

16 Annual Consulting Hours

Your consulting hours can be used however you choose. Questions, projects, HR administration such as benefits administration, new hire onboarding... every member uses it differently depending on their goals.


Beyond The Foundation

Employee Engagement Survey

Unlock valuable insights into your team’s satisfaction and performance with our Annual Employee Engagement Survey, exclusively included in HR Branches' Diamond Membership.

Two-Hour Training of Your Choice

Boost your team's skills with personalized training in harassment prevention, compliance essentials, managerial skills, and beyond – available on-site, remotely, or at our dedicated facility.

Online Harassment Prevention Training 

As a member of HR Branches, you gain unlimited access for all team members, ensuring every individual is equipped to maintain a respectful and inclusive workplace environment.



Employment Audit & Action Report

This is a 2 part visit in which HR Branches will visit your facility to review all of your current employee files, policies, and procedures to ensure compliance and reduce risk. No employees yet? Building from scratch? We can help build your foundation and train you so you can administer right the first time.

Custom Employee Handbook

A custom handbook for your employee size, industry, and state with policies that are unique to your organization for protection from abuse and litigation.

Q4 Compliance Update

We keep you apprised of upcoming employment law changes, update your employee handbook annually, and have a compliance update meeting one-on-one to prepare you for the new year.

State & Federal Workplace Poster

An all-in-one workplace poster including Federal and State required information.

Expert Resources


HR Branches Online (HRBO),

Your HR Resource  Library

Access to our online library which consists of 250+ educational videos, tutorials, forms, and templates.  With HR Branches Online, the work is already done for you.  No need to worry about how to accomplish your HR to-do list- with the help of HRBO and your dedicated HR Manager. 


Frequently Asked Questions


I highly recommend HR Branches to all small business owners. I have worked with them one on one as well as attended their leadership workshop this past Spring and have seen so much personal growth from working together.


Ariel J.

Platinum + Member



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