How Can I Use My HRB

Consulting Hours?

HR Branches consulting hours can seem a bit confusing,

but they are actually quite simple...

What can I use my consulting hours for?

Did you know that we designed our consulting hours to allow you ultimate flexibility?  Here's the deal, no two businesses operate the same, no two employment situations are the same, and we have yet to find a plug-and-play solution that meets everyone's needs (probably because we lost our magic wand).

Here's the deal with your consulting hours, you can use them as you need them (for the most part).  Here are some ways our clients like to use their consulting hours:

  • Phone consults
  • Email questions
  • Recruiting strategies
  • Interview guide development
  • Job descriptions¬†
  • Compensation analysis
  • Legal consult on your behalf

*Please note that there may be situations where research is necessary.  Research time will be deducted from your consulting hours.   

Are there any limits to my consulting hours?

Yes there are particular services that we just can not wrap into consulting hours.  However, not many.   Of course, these services are available to you at an additional fee (if not already included in your membership).

Here are the biggies...

  • On-site audit
  • Employee handbook
  • Premium employee handbook design
  • Boutique recruiting
  • Training
  • Apprenticeship buildout and registration

See, not many at all.  Please keep in mind, that we are constantly listening to you and adding new services.  This list may grow as we grow.


Silver, Gold and Platinum Membership

Silver, Gold and Platinum memberships receive a maximum of 4 hours per year. Any remaining unused consulting hours do not roll over from year to year and will be forfeited.  


Platinum+ and Titanium Membership

Platinum + memberships are eligible to roll over a maximum of 4 hours per year. 

Titanium memberships are eligible to roll over a maximum of 6 hours per year.

Any remaining unused consulting hours do not roll over from year to year and will be forfeited.  

Is there more that I need to know?

Well, we are info geeks, so the answer is always "yes"!  Here are a few more tidbits for you...

Consulting Hours FAQ

  •  Q:  How do I know how many consulting hours I have?  A:  At this time we are tracking consulting hours for you on our end.  We will keep you updated on your consulting hour accruals as you use them.  At any time you are more than welcome to ask us to send you a report of your consulting hours and what you have used them for.
  • Q:  Can I get more consulting hours if I use my initial package?  A:  Heck yeah!  We have 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12-hour packages available to purchase anytime your heart desires.  
  • Q:  Have any tips on how to use consulting hours wisely?  A:  Yeppers! Reanna's favorite tip is to use Connecting Branches (our online community forum) for all of your general questions.  When using Connecting Branches, your consulting hours are not used...the questions answered on Connecting Branches is our little gift to you.  Leah's favorite tip is to be as clear and organized when working with our team members.  Not having the access to the information we need or piecing your information together can be an ultimate time waster.