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HR Structure

Outdated policies that aren't compliant with new employment laws, practices inconsistent with written policies creating discrimination claims, or confusion created from lack of clear expectations - an employee handbook can either help you or hurt you.

We are here to help you create structure and expectations for success, advise you on matching your practices with your policies, and create a handbook that not only reduces risk but is uniquely crafted for your branding and culture.

For a fraction of the cost of hiring an individual HR professional, you receive the continuity and peace of mind you have an entire team of HR experts available to serve your business. With over 38 years of experience, HR Branches Gold package makes HR accessible and affordable for small businesses.


Gold Is For You If Any Of The Following Is True:


checkmarkYour employee handbook is older than 1 year, includes Frankensteined policies, or does not align with your employment practices.

checkmarkYou have employees but don't have an employee handbook.

checkmarkYou struggle to stay ahead of employment law changes and want to dodge legal pitfalls.

checkmarkYou want to make decisions with confidence and expert insights for informed choices.



Up To 4 Hours of Consulting

For all your burning questions and HR projects you want off your plate...and a local, dedicated HR pro!

Every member uses consulting hours differently, here are some popular ways:

  • Phone consults for tricky employee relations questions
  • Email questions
  • Recruiting strategies, interview coaching, and interview guide development
  • Job descriptions
  • Compensation analysis
  • Legal consult on your behalf (minor questions)

*HR Branches members receive a maximum of 4 hours per year, consulting hours do not roll over from year to year.

Expert Resources


HR Branches Online Library

Access to our online library which consists of 250+ educational videos, tutorials, forms, and templates.

Community Forum

Collaborate within the HRB community or submit your question/inquiry to the forum and expect a response within 48 hours. This allows you to reserve your consulting hours for more urgent matters/concerns.




Federal and state-required policies, custom policies to protect your business


Your branding, features your photos or stock, highlighting your culture, and a custom design cover.


Host an engaging "Handbook Hour" meeting to introduce the handbook, answer questions, and foster understanding among employees- conducted by your dedicated HR Pro!




Q4 Compliance Update

We keep you apprised of upcoming employment law changes, update your employee handbook annually, and have a compliance update meeting one-on-one to prepare you for the new year.


Frequently Asked Questions



$600.00 Savings


HR Branches...was a lifesaver when I took over the HR functions for our small business! Knowing I had someone on my corner who understood the law and nuances of the Human Resources world gave me peace of mind! Forever grateful for what I learned!


-Fay S.