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Take Your HR From Hassle to “Handled!”

Making HR Accessible and Affordable for Colorado's Small Business


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Step-by-Step Help

HR Branches provides you with Step-by-Step Guides on how to easily navigate the employment world.  This includes helpful step-by-step resources and guides on executing best practices in: recruiting, unemployment claims, performance evaluations, employee handbooks, onboarding, training, terminations and MUCH MORE!

Easy to Use & Understand

HR Branches provides all necessary forms and tools that you need easily get your HR tasks done.   We make sure that we do not leave you confused with jargon or create overly complex processes- resulting in convoluted corporate processes.  You are a small business, and we respect your culture.

You Are Not Alone

No matter what membership level you chose, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you are no longer in this alone.  Whether you are asking questions in our community forum or working directly with one of our consultants, you are in great hands.


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3 Easy Steps To Take Your HR From Hassle to "Handled"!

Do Your Homework

We are the best in the HR business... but, don't take our word for it.  Be sure to stalk us and talk about us behind our back.  Some ideas on how to learn more about us are: download our HR Starter Kit, look at our reviews online, check out our social media, or ask us for references (we will gladly share them with you).

Choose Your Membership

HR Branches offers you four membership levels that allow you to receive the level of attention that you may need or want.  Our Bronze membership is for the ultimate DIY'er who is just looking for basic instruction.  Our Platinum membership offers the ultimate consulting experience for those who need as much help as they can get.  

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Let's be honest, building great HR practices for your business is going to take work on both of our ends.  HR Branches is here to help and to guide your journey every step of the way.    We will look to you for your expertise in your business and you can depend on us to be the experts in HR.  Together, we will make your HR practices great!

"HR Branches has contributed to our many financial successes while providing guidance on attracting and retaining top employee talent and making sure we are always in compliance with best HR practices. HR Branches is a cost effective solution for small businesses and they really did take our HR from hassle to handled! "

BRW Tax & Accounting

"Been using HR Branches team for months now and I’m so happy with their knowledge and professionalism! What a God send. Highly recommend their services to anyone who feels lost in the business world especially when it comes to HR! Do what you love and have HR Branches do the rest!!"

North Powers Animal Hospital

"We hired our first employee since HR Branches created our employee handbook and I can not tell you how nice it was to send one document besides the forms he has to fill out. How professional I felt. Was beaming with pride. Thank you again!"


"[HR Branches] amazing skills and [their] heart for what [they] do makes all the difference in the world. [They have] given us tools we never knew we needed and I trust [their] expertise completely! I highly recommend HR Branches to anyone looking for top notch human resources knowledge and the ability to educate and elevate your work environment to the next level."

Trinity Lutheran Church

Growth Through Employees!

Businesses are only as good as the people who work for them.  With the easy to use tools that HR Branches gives you, you will see growth in your employees, resulting in a profitable and thriving business.

No More Guessing!

How many times have you searched for a form or HR practice to only come across very bland information that is not much help at all?  Have you ever looked up information on the Department of Labor's website, to only discover you have no idea what they want from you?

Your worries are over- HR Branches spells out everything for you in an easy to understand and executable format.

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Do you know what paperwork is needed to hire an employee? Do you know how to terminate an employee? Do you understand the basics of HR? If any of these are a question mark, download our Free HR Starter Kit to get your HR questions resolved today!

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HR Branches Packages Made for You

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Instant access to the most robust HR library for small businesses, HR Branches Online:

  • Over 150 HR topics
  • Workbooks, forms, documents and other tools ready to use today
  • Proven processes and checklists
  • Explainer videos and transcripts
  • Community Forum that allows access to our HR experts
  • Information always updated to keep you compliant and current
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HR experts are just a phone call away, receive world-class support for your HR needs:

  • Instant access to HR Branches Online
  • HR Hotline:
    • Schedule up to 4 hours per year of personalized consultation with one of our HR experts
    • Customize your HR solutions
    • Ability to handle difficult situations
    • Video or phone conference


$305.00 Annual Savings!

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An employee handbook is one of the most important tools that an employer will ever need.  Let us build a customized handbook for you today, in addition to your other member benefits:

  • Bronze Package 
  • Silver Package 
  • Customized Employee Handbook:
    • Customized Policies to Reflect Your Business' Culture 
    • Handbook Sections Include: 
      • Diversity
      • Workplace Conduct
      • General Practices
      • Pay Practices
      • Time Off 
      • Benefits


$750.00 Annual Savings!!

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HR Branches most comprehensive package!  Let us come on-site and help you build your HR practices from the ground up.  This package really takes your HR from hassle to "handled"!

  • Bronze Package 
  • Silver Package 
  • Gold Package 
  • On-Site Start-Up
    • Customized HR  Set Up Based on Needs Assessment
    • On-Site Compliance Review/ Audit
    • On-Site File Audit & File Management Assistance
    • Onboarding & Training Review
    • Org Chart Development
    • 8 Hours of our Undivided Attention
    • Full Action Item Report


$1,800 Annual Savings!!!!

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