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HR Branches Gold

$600.00 Savings

HR Branches Gold package sets you on the right path to getting HR done right.  Not only will you have access to a wealth of information and access to the best experts in the industry- but you will also receive the full instruction manual (Employee Manual) customized to fit your needs.  

  • HR Branches Online
  • 4 Hours of HR Consulting (Learn more about consulting hours HERE)
  • Customized Employee Handbook
    • Customized Policies to Reflect Your Business' Culture (No Corporate Mumbo Jumbo Here)
    • Handbook Sections Include: Welcome & Introduction, Commitment to Diversity, Workplace Conduct, General Employment Practices, Pay Practices, Time Off & Leave of Absence, Benefits, Safety & Security, Departure, Acknowledgement & Receipt
    • PFD and Word documents with linked Table of Contents
    • Handbook Implementation Instruction and Supporting Information
    • 1 Hour Employee Handbook Rollout Meeting Conducted by your HR Consultant

Annual Renewals:  Gold Membership

Your annual renewal includes the following to ensure compliance with the federal and state legislature, company culture, and growth:

• Annual strategy meeting

•  4 hours of consulting (Learn more about consulting hours HERE)
• Ongoing review and update of Employee Handbook 


Gold Membership

$2,756.55 Annually


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