Kick Start HR for Small Business Online Course

Kick Start your HR TODAY!

Kick Start HR for Small Business course you will learn the foundations of HR to get sound HR practices quickly up and running so you can focus on what you do best... growing your business.  

Not only will you have the opportunity to learn about the below topics, but you will also gain access to many tools and resources to make your business aspirations a reality.  

Here's what you will find in Kick Start HR for Small Business:

  • Preparing for Employees
    • Workforce Planning
    • Employer Branding/ Who are you as an employer?
    • Policy Development
  • Recruiting
    • Job Descriptions & Compensation
    • Advertising an Open Position
    • Interviewing Candidates
    • New Employee Onboarding and paperwork
  • File Management
    • How to Manage your 3 Employee Files
  • Performance Management
    • Training
    • Performance Evaluations
  • Discipline & Terminations
    • Discipline Best Practices
    • Terminations

Get instant access to workbooks, forms, processes and other tools related to the above HR topics. 

This convenient online course was built with small business in mind.  The best part of Kick Start HR for Small Business is that all of the information is presented in quick and easy to understand videos.  All topics include resources and tools to execute each HR topic quickly.


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