COVID-19 Operations & Safety Policy Download

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As you prepare to reopen your business, it is essential that you have the health and safety of your employees and guests at the forefront of your minds.   

Putting a COVID-19 Operations & Safety policy in place now will help your employees know what their expectations are and will give your guests a sense of peace.  

Here at HR Branches, we have teamed with with Gilbertson Law Office to create a downloadable  COVID-19 Operations & Safety Policy for you.  Now, you no longer have to create a policy from scratch.  All you have to do is download, fill in the blanks, make any industry or business specific edits and you are good to go.  This download allows you to focus on the most important stuff... reopening your business.  

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The hard work is already done, you just download, review, make a few edits, and execute!  This allows you to get an important task off of your plate and focus on reopening. 

Customer Peace

The one question on your customers mind is "Will I be safe?".  Give them peace in knowing you have a well though out policy in place.  

Employee Knowledge

From day one, your employees will know the health & safety best practices that are expected.  This will eliminate confusion and create accountability.


Now you don't have to guess (or Google) what a COVID-19 Operations & Safety Policy consists of and what should be included.  We have created your playbook for you.